Thursday, August 05, 2004

Varemer Litvaks un Kalter Litvaks (warm Litvaks and cold Litvaks)

Sometimes one hears the expression 'kalter Litvak' (cold Litvak). By the way, a real Litvak should know Yiddish, but, lo oleinu, some today, esp. from the younger generation, are shvach (weak) in that area.

Anyway, I recall hearing a choshuv'er Rav, a Litvak from South Africa, some years ago address this matter. This Rav, Rav Leizer we could call him (zol er zein gezund un shtark), said that he never heard the expression Kalter Litvak until he came to America ! In South Africa, the Jewish population is predominantly Litvish, but he never heard of such a thing ! They are varemer (warm) Yidden !


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